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AW: AW: [MiNT] shareware on MiNT?

> > In other words, cross-continental payments are a _MAJOR_ pain in the
> > ass...  and recently, when I had to send some money to my family in
> > Canada from my new home in Finland, I had yet another proof of this.
> This is true.
> If you people would impement Credit Cards, there would be not problem.
> I wanted something from an English Company a year ago, And requested
> to pay by Credit Card, Visa, Master Card. No Go
> I have no problem paying for a service, just when it's more effort
> to pay than the service is worth, what's the point.


I am not a company. Full stop. It would be very expensive to set up a
contract with a credit card company, just to be able to cash something
like 100 USD per year.

This is already off-topic, but to all those peope who are now coming up
with explanations: why didn't you even try to contact me through my
eMail address to figure out a way for a payment which works for both sides?
Yes, of course: silently using other peoples software without giving
something back is SO much easier...