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AW: AW: [MiNT] old KGMD or new NMD?

> The day I learn minix fs is shareware. Well can't tell you what I am gonna
> do.
> Eventhough I like minix over FAT, there are no way why I should pay for
> something that is totally granted on all other platform (not even talking
> about the microsoft one).

Well, that's up to you. However I think Atari users will have to live with
the fact that special drivers might not be free or bundled with something
else. So if they want to keep the developers happy and active, they will
need to invest something.

> I paid for my HDdriver. That's one thing.
> I paid for my VDI. That's another one.
> I paid for my AES. That's another one.
> I paid for my scanner driver. There is another one.
> I probably forget others.
> Should we paid down for everything that is happening on our computer?
> How about a modem driver? a VIDEL driver? a floppy driver, a MOUSE driver.
> Cdrom burner now. Ethernet driver, Pay for everything basically?
> I pay all that not to be thankfull to the author really, but because I
> need those products.
> Next I feel that we gonna have to pay for using icons or background
> pictures that someone took the time to convert.
> Julian, btw, I noticed you don't do any GEM program installation.
> I know you can code GEM (kubis), is it because it is too simple to install
> spin by hand with the sys file along? or not worth the effort/time coz not
> necessary? Not that I care, spin runs perfectly fine here :)
> Just curiosity.

GEM based installation is currently not at the top of the list. The problem
is that it's more then copying some files into the right directory, and
coming up with a nice installer is not that easy...