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Re: AW: [MiNT] old KGMD or new NMD?

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Julian Reschke wrote:

> > Btw, same thing about ext2 fs, shareware for MiNT, this one amazed me.
> > By today if properly freeware"d" instead of shareware, well, we all be
> > probably be on extfs instead of minix fs. (supposition).
> Well, that doesn't surprise me at all.

Well, I don't think you understood what I really meant.

Put extfs as shareware on linux. (or even commercial with special lisence)
Put jpeg format same status as gif (lzw).

I don't think it would have a great success.
Many people would not be using it, Trying to find alternative entirely
free. Furthermore, doing their own alternative to be THE free one.

The day I learn minix fs is shareware. Well can't tell you what I am gonna
Eventhough I like minix over FAT, there are no way why I should pay for
something that is totally granted on all other platform (not even talking
about the microsoft one).

I paid for my HDdriver. That's one thing.
I paid for my VDI. That's another one.
I paid for my AES. That's another one.
I paid for my scanner driver. There is another one.
I probably forget others.

Should we paid down for everything that is happening on our computer?
How about a modem driver? a VIDEL driver? a floppy driver, a MOUSE driver.
Cdrom burner now. Ethernet driver, Pay for everything basically?

I pay all that not to be thankfull to the author really, but because I
need those products.

Next I feel that we gonna have to pay for using icons or background
pictures that someone took the time to convert.

Julian, btw, I noticed you don't do any GEM program installation.
I know you can code GEM (kubis), is it because it is too simple to install
spin by hand with the sys file along? or not worth the effort/time coz not
necessary? Not that I care, spin runs perfectly fine here :)
Just curiosity.

(email me if interested in a gem installer)