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[MiNT] old KGMD or new NDM?

Martin-Eric Racine, 06.02.99:

MER>However, I really think that you should release the drivers.  We've
MER>already got a _lot_ of problems finding Ethernet solutions on Atari,
MER>so if those Panther drivers allow using NE2005 cards (or something
MER>similar) on our hardware, then everyone should benefit from them.
MER>The key point of Linus' reply was that, the idea behind making the OS
MER>completely freeware is to ensure that the basic production tools are
MER>freely accessible to everyone.
MER>Hardware drivers certainly fit the "basic tools" category, hence why
MER>I think you should release them.

Hardware drivers are a very special kind of software. Writing such drivers demands a lot of special knowledge and a lot of tests on very diffrent plattforms. In addition to that, only those people can use it, who are using this special kind of hardware.

Simple applications can by written by everyone -without costs- and it can be used by everyone.

I think, as you pay for your special hardware, you also should pay for the special drivers for that hardware, which were expansive to developp. If you think that there is a category of software, that should be free at all, then -in my opinion- this shoul
 be the applications, first.