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Re: [MiNT] drives

Hello Frank,

on Fri 05-02-99 21:45 you wrote:

>Hi Jo!
>> > What drive letters are supported by the 1.15 line kernals?
>> I believe only A-P is supported, the same as in TOS.
>No, with XHDI all 32 drives (except P:) are possible in the new kernel. 
>Restriction is that the partition above P: are only accessible by modern 
>filesystems like MinixFS and NEWFATFS.

hmm, that explain why I could only access one partition of the external HD 
that was hooked on my Hades. I had to run Bigdos to access the rest.

So if I understand it well I only had to put the drive letters in 
mint.cnf under the NEWFATFS and VFAT lines. Right?


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