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AW: [MiNT] shareware on MiNT?

> I do have one very important question:
> How easy/difficult is it to register software outside Germany?
> What about, from outside European Union territory?
> Last year, I wanted to register a shareware (can't remember which)
> but I eventually gave up, because sending that 20 DM from Canada
> would have costed me more than the shareware fee itself.....
> Nowadays, I guess I'm lucky I moved to Finland (an EU country),
> but still....

The easiest way I've found is like so...

I know in my home town, it can take a week at no charge to complete a 
cash currency exchange because the bank may not have that currency 
on hand, and having an international bank note drawn up can be rather 

If the fee is a low one...just send paper CASH, of your own currency 
(make adjustments for the exchange rate).  It may get lost in 
transit, true enough, but at least you didn't pay $40US to get a 
$10DM euro-check drawn up.  You should include an extra gratuity in 
your fee since the fellow at the other end has the bother of 
exchanging the currency.  Also enclose a very nice note 
explaining your currency, its present value against his, and why 
you've chosen to place the exchange burdan on him.  This is more a 
game of trust, but speaking from my own experiences, it works rather 
well for those nickle and dime registration fees.  I've yet to find 
one who expressed resentment in being sent cash...as usually, all he 
has to do is deposit it to his local bank and the teller will take 
care of the rest.  Some banks might charge a small fee for the teller 
service, and that's why the gratuity.

In the case of more expensive registrations...check with the 
Shareware libraries.  Can't think of any by name at the moment, but 
most of them can run the fee right from your VISA card.

Hope this helps...