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Re: AW: [MiNT] shareware on MiNT?

The following is from: q-funk@pp.fishpool.com (Martin-Eric Racine )
To: q-funk@pp.fishpool.com (Martin-Eric Racine )
From: anarkist@idirect.com (Ken Macdonald)
Organization: TAF - deSIGN
Subject: Re: AW: [MiNT] shareware on MiNT?
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:Putting money in an envelope is out of the question; Canadian laws even
:forbid it.
:Cheques or postal orders cost a fortune, especially towards Europe,
:because all sorts of extra guarantees must be provided by the bank 
:or postal service, since Canadian banking laws are _much_ different
:from the European laws.
:Read again what I've said above:
:the shareware I wanted to register would have cost me more in banking 
:fees than the price of the shareware itself.
:In other words, cross-continental payments are a _MAJOR_ pain in the
:ass...  and recently, when I had to send some money to my family in 
:Canada from my new home in Finland, I had yet another proof of this.
:  'Nuff said...
:  Martin-Eric Racine * http://www.pp.fishpool.com/~q-funk/M-E/
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truly! ;-)
this is the MAIN reason why I register my Software with either 
InterActive or CyberSTrider. Here in Canada I can get a postal money 
order in UKP, and if I register many programs, the cost of the postal 
money order (2.50$Cdn or 1UKP) becomes insignificant.

If an author wants DM, or Francs, I think twice, or three times about 
registering it because of the reasons Martin suggested above! It is damn 
diffcult and very expensive to register one program when it costs just 
as much to pay for the money transaction.

I urge _every_ European programmer to get in touch with 
CyberStrider(Denesh Bhabuta) or InterActive(Joe Connor) to have their 
software listed. Now Martin may have something to say about this as I 
have seen his comments on the efficacy of InterActive/Joe Connor, 
but this WILL change Martin as his children become older! (I know! ;-) 
Since CyberSTrider and InterActive also take U$A then you are looking at 
the entire North American continent as potential buyers/supporters!!

I've also sent a letter to Canada Post asking if, since they support 
UKP, they will be supporting the ECU, (or Euro?). If that is the case 
then I could send postal money orders anywhere in Europe! and maybe TAF 
could start up an operation simialr to InterActive, whereby we would 
take orders from the U$A, and convert them to ECUs and forward them to 
European programmers.

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