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Re: [MiNT] ERIC SMITH, PLEASE!!! ;-) uname reply - a final proposition

>Basically, if I understand the above correctly:
>1) MiNT is still a product whose copyright is yours.

The copyright to MiNT is owned by a number of people, most notably
me and whoever now owns Atari's rights (probably Hasbro).

>2) using MiNT as the generic name for the OS is perfectly fine.

As long as the kernel clearly identifies itself to the user at
boot time as being a modified version of MiNT.

>3) returning MiNT by uname is also possible.

Yes. My own suggestion for this is to use "mint" (lower case)
as the value returned by uname for the name of the whole system;
"mint" means "some MiNT derivative system", and using all lower
case is probably better for some tools. That's just a suggestion;
I don't really care much either way.