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Re: [MiNT] ERIC SMITH, PLEASE!!! ;-) uname reply - a final proposition

>However, as long a noone claims the trademark 'MiNT', there should be no
>problem in using 'MiNT' as the Name of the whole system (and as output for
>uname), even if the Kernel is a variant of MiNT called FreeMiNT etc..

I believe that Atari did trademark the name 'MiNT'; whether this
trademark is registered or not I don't know. I'm sure that use of
the word 'MiNT' in the output of uname would be acceptable use,
but use of 'MiNT' in a product name (for example) is another matter.
I would check with a lawyer before doing this.

Note that any trademark on 'MiNT' was established by Atari, not
by me, and the present owner of the trademark (if any) is whoever owns
Atari's rights -- probably Hasbro.