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[MiNT] drives


What drive letters are supported by the 1.15 line kernals?

My current setup:

	(HDDriver 7.61)
	500Mb, SCSI ID 0 - partitions c, d, e, f, g, h, i &j; 
	2Gb, SCSI ID 1 - partitions k, l & m;
	zip drive, SCSI ID 5 - partition n;
	CDROM, SCSI ID 6 - partition o (Extendos Gold)

I've just added a 500Mb, internal IDE drive, partitioned 4 ways. I moved
the CDROM to drive s, and had HDDriver detect them in this order:

	500Mb, SCSI ID 0 - part. c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j;
	2Gb, SCSI ID 1 - part. k, l, m;
	zip, SCSI ID 5 - part. n;
	IDE 0 - part. o, p, q, r;
	CDROM, SCSI ID 6 - part s.

The system boots and everything is fine. That is, if I cd /, and then ls,
or cd (anything from drive p onwards), then the system hangs. Well, after
30 seconds I reboot...

I'd like to boot the IDE as c, d, e, f with the 500Mb SCSI eventually
re-partitioned to 1 drive, but at the moment I have KGMD on it on drive f.

Am I missing something, or is this a known issue?



John Blakeley