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Re: [MiNT] old KGMD or new NMD?

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999 10:45:41 -0500 (EST), Katherine Ellis wrote:


> > All these bits where released (after all I wouldn't be allowed to hold them
> > back).
> ok, cool.
> Any chance to release other little updates? (not copyrighted obviously)

If there is anything, sure, why not. At the moment I'm working hard to get a
language-independent Version of the administration-software.
(I should have thought about that before building the first release...).
Also I'm very busy right now with exams at university. So there is nothing
(or at least not much) to release.

> Ok, that's sounds good.
> How much is the cd btw?

Normal price is 150,- German Marks, which should be around 70-80 US$ I believe.
This perhabs seems to be a bit high, but remember, there are 3 partys that have to get money 
and producing the CD, the Documentation (a little Book) and the labels is costly as you can 
perhabs imagine (with these low quantities).

Also the "The Complete MiNT98" CD produced by Whiteline is not very cheap either (roughly 40$)
considering that it is only a copy of some ftp-servers. But if you wan't to live from producing
CDs (like Deltalabs) you have to get some money out of it.

(I do not depend on the income of the cd btw, 
but I didn't get back all my investments up to now).
> Might be cool to have this cd. How much is it again?

Since the whole documentation and administration-soft is german-only at the moment its perhabs
better to wait until I'm finished with the language-independance.

Also I've got a good bunch of new ideas considering mail-exchange, dial-out and dial-in and 
some more stuff I wan't to include before making a new release.