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[MiNT] old KGMD or new NMD?

> The position of wtmp file doesn't really matter. But it DOES matter, 
> if it is traditionally established by a most common distribution. 
> This will involve a fix to MiNTlibs and they are already far too big, as
> Julian pointed out.
> Martin Eric, you're trying to make a revolution. :) I know that your will
> is good, but also a good will made almost all revolutions. And from my
> point of view, all revolutions are Bad Things.

The way I see this, we have 2 choices:

1) Keep old KGMD

   a) people still complain that it won't install from HD, for some 
      reason, and some config files have to be fixed by hand, which
      is not well documented.  

      Result:  newbies give up and move to MagiC or Windooze.....

   b) we have to replace every part of the package with more recent ports,
      since just about everything in KGMD is outdated or deprecated, so...
      why bother with it in the first place?

   c) everything we port results in HUGE diff files, because we have never
      upgraded our paths and libs to support /sbin instead of /usr/etc and
      have all PID files written in /var/run .... and many more things.

2) upgrade to new NMD

   a) uses a proper install.prg where everything is clearly explained and
      the whole process have been thoroughly tested on a various systems.

   b) start with a distribution that is up-to-date and fully functional.

   c) require only minor efforts to port newer sources and operate on
      a more coherent, FHS compliant, filesystem that even newbies (or
      people experienced on other Unices that _have_ upgraded) will be
      able to understand.

Obviously, this will require recompiling some of the existing software,
but this easily done;  just a few paths to change in MiNTLIB.

This might surprise a few people, but the biggest work I'm doing is on
finding ways to easily upgrade from KGMD and documenting the procedure,
so that everybody can follow.

Anyways, the choice is yours.  

Either ways, I will definitely release the new distribution very soon;
I put daily efforts towards that.

  Martin-Eric Racine * http://www.pp.fishpool.com/~q-funk/M-E/
  The Atari TT030 Homepage * http://members.tripod.com/~TT030/