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Re: [MiNT] MiNTOS versions

> > I've been trying to build MiNTOS 1.4.1 from the sources on my macmint machine,
> > but a few functions in the library seem to have conflicts with the prototypes
> > defined in my header files (PL 46). Is there a newer version of MiNTOS, or
> > should I just change the lib source to get it to compile?
> I did a few changes to MiNTOS package and have rebuilt all with MiNTLibs
> PL 49. I can send you sources if you want (OK, I can upload them to a FTP
> site too :)), but first I have to figure out some problem with syslogd:
> it seems it (or rather the linked lib) is searching for a cookie CLOK
> using ssystem() call improperly (from the kernel's side it looks like
> a ssystem(GETCOOKIE, (ulong)'CL', (ulong)'OK'), very weird :))

...and mysteriously crashes for no reason.  Otherwise, the rest
of MiNTOS compiles perfectly fine, even with my path changes to
accomodate the FHS standard.   Only Syslog makes problems.

If you could upload your MiNTOS diffs to Piwo I'm sure everyone
would appreciate it! ;-)

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