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Re: [MiNT] MiNTOS versions

> I've been trying to build MiNTOS 1.4.1 from the sources on my macmint machine,
> but a few functions in the library seem to have conflicts with the prototypes
> defined in my header files (PL 46). Is there a newer version of MiNTOS, or
> should I just change the lib source to get it to compile?
> I compiled it once in the past (with mintincs PL 44) and it worked fine, but
> I lost the binaries...
> I don't think it should matter that it's on a mac, as all the binaries/headers/
> libs are the same as atari...

I did a few changes to MiNTOS package and have rebuilt all with MiNTLibs
PL 49. I can send you sources if you want (OK, I can upload them to a FTP
site too :)), but first I have to figure out some problem with syslogd:
it seems it (or rather the linked lib) is searching for a cookie CLOK
using ssystem() call improperly (from the kernel's side it looks like
a ssystem(GETCOOKIE, (ulong)'CL', (ulong)'OK'), very weird :))

BTW. glad to hear MacMiNT is alive! :)

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz
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