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Re: [MiNT] Black crashes

> > AFAIR, subsequent response from Michael Schwingen reported this was
> > caused by the reset vector pointing to a TT RAM address.  Was this 
> > ever fixed?
> A reset vector pointing to TT ram will not cause problems on a TT, since the
> TT RAM is not turned off on Reset on a TT.
> However, on Falcon/ST/... using Magnum RAM cards, and maybe others
> (Afterburner, Hades?), the TT RAM is disabled on Reset, and thus the vector
> will point to nowhere - and the only solution is to turn off the machine for
> long enough (I recently had DRAMs that kept their information reliably for
> more than 30 seconds without power).
> The IMHO best solution would be to drop the whole reset vector stuff from
> MiNT, unless someone points out a reason why it would be needed - I think we
> never reached a decision on that.

Only "one and only" p_cookie (which, as I think you said, is not reset
by TOS) would be the reason. Hence only onle solution left, i.e.
relocation the reset handler to ST-RAM. If same stuff occurs even if the
whole MiNT is loaded to ST-RAM, I see no solution for now.

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