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Re: [MiNT] DATE/TIME cookies

> KK>1) (Julian already pointed it out) internal date and timestamp of MiNT
> KK>   must be in TOS format. Which won´t be the case, the internal
> KK>   implementation of timekeeping variables is currently changing.
> there will always be the code for converting the internal variables into
> GEMDOS format (for Tgetdate/Tgettime). This code could be called once
> per second to update the global variables DATE/TIME cookies would point
> to.

The point is, that even if the code exists, it can be executed only
if someone calls Tgettime() (for example), and not _constantly_. Once
per second? There is no interrupt in MiNT that occurs once per second,
which means, that you would have to introduce new code to the 200 Hz
timer. I know Afterburner is fast, but not yet everyone has a 68040.

Petr, please explain why do you insist to it in such a weird way instead
of coding the corner clock as a desk accessory (for TOS) or a MiNT process
(in case MiNT is in use).


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