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Re: [MiNT] DATE/TIME cookies

> The point is, that even if the code exists, it can be executed only
> if someone calls Tgettime() (for example), and not _constantly_. Once
> per second? There is no interrupt in MiNT that occurs once per second,

Guido already answered that. No new code, no overhead.

> Petr, please explain why do you insist to it in such a weird way

DATE/TIME cookies: introduced by DTCOOKIE.PRG several years ago, supported
also by BigDOS (probably because DTCOOKIE would not work with BigDOS?).
Current version of MiNT allows DTCOOKIE to install the cookies. Future
kernels will change the internal code so DTCOOKIE will not work. This is
the main reason why I would like to get the two cookies created by MiNT

And why do I use DATE/TIME cookies instead of hooking on traps? It's
simply easier to write, faster to execute (called once per second, not
200x as you thought for unknown reason), requires less code and does not
prolong XBRA chains/does not require TraPatch. And please keep on mind - I
didn't invent the cookies and I am not alone using them.