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Re: [MiNT] Pine 4.10 available.

08.02.99 kellis viestitti;

> However:
> Is the FPU flag really necessary to deal with email, text?
> Just that I don't think 3% faster for that kind of application is wished
> coz it limits non fpu users.
> Remember, many of us. (at least me) haven't install linux because of NO
> FPU.

I have heard this before ;-)  ... as I mentioned in diff's, I have
only 020/68881 libs in use and therefore I just wast to be sure, there
is no conflict with libs and code when linking. To be honest, I don't
know, if it really matters but never know ...

> Anyway, as all pine version for MiNT. attach file. As in.
> in Attchmnt field, CTRL J then CTRL T to browse. Just aborts pine no
> matter what I do.
> As soon as I type CTRL T, boom, PINE aborted.
> Back to bash.
> Am I the only one?
> is it because of the fpu?
> Or what is it actually?

Beats me ... works OK in my system. Hmmm.... so you are saying that
when Pilot should come up, your pine dies? Is Pilot working OK if you
run it from shell alone? Pilot is integrated to pine, but it's linked 
to same library as Pilot offcource ....

I don't know ... could you check if increasing stacksize from 64K
to 128K would make any difference? Or amybe terminal setting/driver?
Have you tested it on screen, virtyal consoles or toswin shell?

And by the way ... there seems to bug in source, that prevents
allow-changing-from option work in composer ... or have I missed some
setting? Have anyone tested and managed to make it work?

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