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Re: [MiNT] Pine 4.10 available.

Nice to see pine 4.10 for MiNT.
Is the FPU flag really necessary to deal with email, text?
Just that I don't think 3% faster for that kind of application is wished
coz it limits non fpu users.
Remember, many of us. (at least me) haven't install linux because of NO

Anyway, as all pine version for MiNT. attach file. As in.
in Attchmnt field, CTRL J then CTRL T to browse. Just aborts pine no
matter what I do.
As soon as I type CTRL T, boom, PINE aborted.
Back to bash.
Am I the only one?
is it because of the fpu?
Or what is it actually?

Otherwise, seems to work rather well.
Bye and thanks for this port.