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[MiNT] G++ specialist?


Is there anyone in this list, who know something about g++ for
FreeMiNT? I really would like to see WvDial running in MiNT and
therefore I played around with c++ source code for the first time

By using g++ and related libs I actually can run WvDial but
when all the fun should start, it dies to bus error. 

Few days ago there was discussion of stacksize and my question is
related to that; since many gnuc software dies similar way if
stacksize is too small, is there any similar app like fixstk for g++
or am I on totally wrong track here? If I try use fixstk to WvDial, I
get message; "wvdial: no symbol table".

Feel free to bend it from barbwire for me since I'm newbie with c++
source ;)

You can find WvDial info and source from;


     Juhani Sivusalo            E-Mail: jasivu@na.netppl.fi
       Oulu, Finland          http://www.netppl.fi/~jasivu/
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