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Re: [MiNT] G++ specialist?

Juhani Sivusalo wrote:
> Hi!
> Is there anyone in this list, who know something about g++ for
> FreeMiNT? I really would like to see WvDial running in MiNT and
> therefore I played around with c++ source code for the first time
> ever.
> By using g++ and related libs I actually can run WvDial but
> when all the fun should start, it dies to bus error.
> Few days ago there was discussion of stacksize and my question is
> related to that; since many gnuc software dies similar way if
> stacksize is too small, is there any similar app like fixstk for g++

Yes, C++ programs need much more stack size than C, pending on the way
C++ works. 

> or am I on totally wrong track here? If I try use fixstk to WvDial, I
> get message; "wvdial: no symbol table".

fixstk is allright, but it seems that your version is outdated. I'm not
shure but I think it should be pl46. An other reason could be if the
Makefile contains a strip command which removes the symbol table needed
be fixstk. If there is a strip command, comment it out and link again.
Than fixstk should work.