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[MiNT] Re: MiNTOS versions (macmint)

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>>Subject: [MiNT] MiNTOS versions
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>>I've been trying to build MiNTOS 1.4.1 from the sources on my macmint machine,
>macmint machine???

MacMiNT is basically a port of MiNT (I think the latest version is 1.12.6 or
some such thing) that runs on the Mac. It doesn't run as an independent OS, but as a process on the Mac desktop. (this is either a good or bad thing, depending
on who you ask...) It works like this: you run a Mac application called 'JET'
or Just Enough Tos, which creates a Mac window that represents the Atari
console, and mucks about with a bunch of trap & exception vectors (the Mac, of
course, has the same processor vectors available as does the ST/TT) to make it
look sufficiently like a TOS machine (i.e. implementing or faking some TOS
routines) so that mint.prg will run on it.

As I understand it, MiNT itself is not greatly modified to run on JET. Early
versions had a filesystem built in so that MiNT could access the Mac's files,
but now this has been separated out as an xfs.

The really nice thing about it is that nearly everything that runs on MiNT
will run on MacMiNT with very few changes. The exceptions are of course things
like AES (not that I really know what this is...:) that access hardware
directly. At the moment I'm trying to port w1r3 and it doesn't look too hard...
unfortunately JET doesn't handle the /dev/mouse, so I'll have to write
that bit myself...
>>but a few functions in the library seem to have conflicts with the prototypes
>>defined in my header files (PL 46). Is there a newer version of MiNTOS, or
>>should I just change the lib source to get it to compile?
>Sorry, can't help here.

that's OK, it turned out to be just a matter of changing one 'const'
(big deal right :)
>But have you ever looked for GEM-init? It's just like MiNTOS 1.4.1 (I took the
>sources), BUT UNDER GEM! Visit my homepage!

Gem won't run under MacMiNT, so that's out unfortunately...

>>I don't think it should matter that it's on a mac, as all the binaries/headers/
>>libs are the same as atari...
>Please tell me more about macmint!


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