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Re: [MiNT] Dangerous assumption in MINT lib

Joerg_Westheide@su.maus.de (Jörg Westheide) writes:

|> Hi Andreas!
|> AS>To make this work the parent must not run at the same time as the
|> AS>child, so it is blocked (in the kernel) until the child calls _exit()
|> AS>or execve() (Pterm/Pexec in MiNT speak).
|> OK.
|> Am I right that the child is not allowed to exit the procedure in which
|> vfork() is called?

Yes.  That would clobber the parent's stack.

|> An example:
|> void bear(void)
|> {
|> if (vfork() == 0)
|>     {
|>     do_something;
|>     }
|> }
|> Is the child allowed to exit the procedure bear()?
|> Or has do_something to terminate the child (by _exit() or execve())?

The latter.


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