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Re: [MiNT] Problem 1.15.1-1.4 kernel to load Thing 1.27

> WDIALOG is a hack. Perhaps it was designed as a TOS extension, 
> but it collides with N.AES and I wouldn't use it at all.

Well, some software downright refuses to run without it (Please
run Wdialog or Magic before starting this program [Quit]) or it
becomes completly useless, so I really need it, unfortunately.

> But I wanted to ask you: where do you run it? From AUTO folder, MiNT.CNF
> or N_AES.CNF? The type of problems you get depend on from where (or when
> in the boot process) the WDIALOG was started.

Currently from AUTO, as the second item loaded; first is NVDI.

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