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[MiNT] MiNT and PureC


I'm figuring about the future way to support other (non-gcc) compilers in
the MiNTLib sources.  We currently have "support" for Sozobon C, Lattice C
and PureC.  I think it would be reasonable now to withdraw all files for
Lattice and Sozobon.  Anybody uses these compilers?  Well, if you do,
certainly not with a current MiNTLib because the MiNTLib support for these
compilers is hopelessly obsoleted.

PureC is somewhat different but also problematic.  Christian Felsch does
his best to keep the PureC support up-to-date but in fact the patches he
can send always apply to the last version of the MiNTLib.  Why not save
space and net bandwidth and distribute the necessary patches for PureC in
a separate distribution.  Most users will not miss anything and those that
want to use Pure are then always a little behind but I think that's more
acceptable than the current situation.  Currently you download the MiNTLib
sources and when compiling for Pure you will have to read ChangeLog very
carefully to find out what there is possibly left to do.  It's also
dangerous because if for example you forget to add a new source file to
the project file resp. Makefile for Pure you will end up with a crippled

Anyway, I'm not very happy with distributing source files that I cannot
test.  I'd rather exclude them.

Any comments?