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Re: [MiNT] MiNT and PureC

> and PureC.  I think it would be reasonable now to withdraw all files for
> Lattice and Sozobon.  Anybody uses these compilers?  Well, if you do,

Uhm. Withdraw Lattice C support? Surely that must be a very bad idea?
I really don't think GCC is for everyone, and I wouldn't want people
to be stuck with the 16 bit ints and lousy optimization of PureC.

Personally, I might be able to live without Lattice C (which I currently
use quite a lot), but I certainly wouldn't want to!

> certainly not with a current MiNTLib because the MiNTLib support for these
> compilers is hopelessly obsoleted.

Are there really many things that need to be changed for compatibility
with Lattice C? I usually try to make my programs compile under GCC,
Lattice C and PureC, and that has seldom been the least bit difficult
(PureC being the one that might require a bit of extra work from time to

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