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Re: [MiNT] New set_mmu and tools

On Thu, Jun 03, 1999 at 02:18:58PM +1200, Mario Becroft wrote:
> For some reason I only received the message once. However I have observed
> numerous occasions where I have received duplicated messages from the MiNT
> list. It is not much of an inconvenience but it might be interesting to

Yup, "me too". Seems to be due to some network overload - the messages are
duplicated at the MiNT list mailserver before they reach my mailbub, and are
1-2 hours apart. Both are completely identical except the received:-headers
starting at my mailhub.

I guess we'll have to live with that.

Michael Schwingen, Ahornstrasse 36, 52074 Aachen