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Re: [MiNT] New set_mmu and tools

Odd Skancke wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Mario Becroft wrote:
> > For some reason I only received the message once. However I have observed
> > numerous occasions where I have received duplicated messages from the MiNT
> > list. It is not much of an inconvenience but it might be interesting to
> > know why that occured. I have not received any duplicated messages from
> > other sources.
> >
>  Ok, I think that it was my isp's mail server that messed up. I got other
> postings several times too, so that would explain it. I just paniced a bit
> when I saw this huge posting 3 times ... :)
>  Odd Skancke - ozk@atari.org

Sometimes, I've noticed, that when networks and systems get overloaded
mail messages double up (the sending MTA transmits the email, the
recipient MTA gets it, but due to congestion, delays and whatever the
recipient's acknowledgement is lost, and the sender isn't sure that it
was recieved, and sends it again).

I've only ever seen sendmail lag enough to do this...but it's probably
not sendmail's fault...it could reasonably happen to virtually any MTA.