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[MiNT] 1.15.1 internal failure


I used to have 2 SIMMs in my AB040 - 16 and 32 MB. The physical memory map
was as follows: 16 MB first SIMM, 16 MB gap, 32 MB second SIMM. MP worked
OK. Yesterday I removed the 16 MB SIMM and moved the 32 MB from second
bank to the first one. So now the phys layout is 32 MB SIMM, 32 MB
nothing. FreeMiNT 1.15.1 with MP enabled fails at kmalloc.c(IIRC) with
kfree at 1152992 (or something like that): internal failure. Press a key
to reboot.

Does somebody with AB040 have just one SIMM and can use MP?