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Re: [MiNT] ifconfig fixed (please README)

On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Torsten Lang wrote:

> Hi Martin-Eric,
> > 
> > I replaced the ifconfig and route from net-1.03-b2 with those 
> > from the standard 1.01-PL1 archive and everything is back to
> > normal.  Really strange....
> since there are some other Net-versions in between, I would be very 
> interested in which version the problem occurred first (1.01, 1.02,
> 1.03beta, 1.03beta2).

I only have 1.01, 1.03b and 1.03b2, I never heard of 1.02.

> There is at least one major change (AFAIK from 0.90 -> 1.01) for ifconfig:
> ifconfig since then accepted a new parameter to read the configuration data
> from a file. 

What is the complete path to this file?

> So if you don't use a Riebl board in your system you can use 
> the old version of ifconfig...

Right now, only (null) modem, but I am waiting for a Riebl
within the next few days (hopefully on time for NAS), so I
will have to fix this anyways.

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