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Re: [MiNT] ifconfig fixed (please README)

Hi Martin-Eric,
> I replaced the ifconfig and route from net-1.03-b2 with those 
> from the standard 1.01-PL1 archive and everything is back to
> normal.  Really strange....
> No clue what's different in the net-tools from 1.03 that could 
> cause this (haven't got time to diff them yet, as I need to have 
> NMD completed in time for NAS).
since there are some other Net-versions in between, I would be very interested
in which version the problem occurred first (1.01, 1.02, 1.03beta, 1.03beta2).

There is at least one major change (AFAIK from 0.90 -> 1.01) for ifconfig:
ifconfig since then accepted a new parameter to read the configuration data
from a file. This is very important when you use Riebl boards since they have
their hw address in ram and may forget this address. The only way to set the
hw address is by reading it from a file.

Unfortunately Kay didn't describe this function very well...

So if you don't use a Riebl board in your system you can use the old version
of ifconfig...