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Re: RE: [MiNT] a clean "shutdown" command?

>>    Then perhaps I'm doing something wrong.  I created the partition on
>> a 1 GB partition that sits on a Micropolis 2 GB SCSI drive (external,
>> of course).  I used whatever the default parameters happened to be,
>> and only specified the destination drive.
>>    I'm using Mint 1.15, beta 7, as 1.15.1 crashes too often with AES 4.1.
>> I'd buy N.AES, but none of the European dealers want to respond to
>> email.  I'm using HD Driver version 7.11, and ext2 version 0.55.


>This is very interesting to myself, because I recently had a similar
>experience. I personally have a 14 MB ** Atari ** Falcon with a 1.5 GB IDE
>Conner CFS-1621 drive and I have completely no problems with it. I made an
>ext2 partition on the Conner IDE I mentioned converting a 250 MB FAT
>partition using mke2fs. Everything works perfectly, the filesystem is
>consistent all the time and fsck never reports any errors on it
>(especially since i've installed the xfs with shutdown support). 
>However, a guy here bought recently a ** C-Lab ** Falcon MkII with 4 MB
>RAM and equipped with a 500 MB SCSI Quantum drive. I was asked to setup
>MiNT on this machine. I must admit, I had nothing but problems. 


>Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz


  Thanks for the input, but I ran a bit of a test myself.  I re-formatted
the partition as a Minix drive.  I then copied about eight times the
information onto the new Minix partition as I ever had on the ext2

  I then reset.  About a dozen times.  Not once did I ever seen an
error from the Minix fsck (I run fsck on startup for Minix partitions).
I never once saw a reset where fsck did -not- find something under
the ext2 file system.

  So if my hardware seems to check out (the data seems to be all there),
then what the heck am I doing wrong?  I am using a MK-X falcon from
C-LAB, but it's fitted with an Afterburner.  TOS 4.04.  Anything else
that would help?


Michael White (michael@fastlane.net)