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[Ingo_Godau-Gellert@s3.maus.de (Ingo Godau-Gellert)] [MiNT] Further comment on N.AES problem

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Dear Mario!

Your description is very interesting! Also my TT stops sometimes working -
almost while a file transfer from or to internet with Sting. Unfortunately I'm
not able to check the virtual consoles - they're not installed in my TT. But
this failure happens under N.AES but also with original MULTITOS-AES with all
the MiNT-versions. Therefore I'm not sure what causes the troubles:-( My only
solution is to move my mouse each five minutes while a file is transferred - I
hate file transfers which are interrupted without mouse movement. When I have
to transfer some MB of data it would be nice to leave the computer working
alone and to work in meantime in garden or so. Therefore I hope for a solution.

Best regards,

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