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RE: [MiNT] on a 4 Mb machine?

> > my distribution will be 020+ only, since only those machines have
> > the possiblity of exceeding 4 Mb by design.  This also means I will
> That's not true. There are RAM cards for STEs that handle the additional RAM
> as "alternate" RAM, as in the TT.

Key word was:  _by_design_.  I know about the Aixit, but since
it is non-standard equipment and german dealers tend to ignore
international requests, I _have_ to rule it out.

PS:  bad experiences with Aixit and Woller support this.

> > be able to use ext2fs as the default filesystem (it requires 020).
> I guess that could be changed easily.

Hopefully.  I would be _very_ welcome on plain STs, where any speed
increase is a blessing.

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