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Re: [MiNT] Sparemint and FHS

>   Now...we use P233's at work running NT, and geez, drop to DOS, do a "dir/w"
>   and you are blown away with files everywhere, and I'm not good enough to
>   tell you what/where/when/how/why. Its ugly, trust me! ;-)

Well, it's based on the one-app-one-dir approach anyway. So, see where
it gets you? :)

>   I actually enjoy MiNT, so I'm assuming I'd like Unix/Linux. It still makes
>   sense to me though. Whenever I get a new archive, I pop it into /usr/local/
>   src, and I run the binaries from /usr/local/bin. Most apps use the $HOME
>   variable and pop their config files in /home/root...well, I could go on
>   here, but you're better at this than I am, and I know you understand what
>   I'm saying. <big grin>

Yes, you're saying you like the unix directory structure after all. :-)

>   (Is there a man page for "opt"? I'm not familiar with that command. Will
>    have to look it up.)

It's not a command, but another directory in the root. The original idea
was that /opt was an extra drive, but of course if you do things
correctly then all your extra drives will be invisibly nested in your
normal dir structure. :) Still, /opt/ is a "valid excuse" for putting
apps with lots of files together in one directory. For example, on my
linux boxes, I prefer /opt/netscape over something ugly as
/usr/lib/netscape/. :)

In MiNT (to get back on topic) :) I'm thinking of either symlinking my
tos-stuff drive to /opt, or symlinking some app directories into /opt/.

> MvdK ->iMac - Whinegums without the taste
> Hehehehehe, recently had a chance to see some iMacs at a CompUSA store.
> They really do look like fish-tanks! ;-)

Hmm now you mention it.. yeah..:) but I'll stick to whinegums ;)



iMac - Whinegums without the taste