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Re: [MiNT] Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender (fwd)


On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 10:24:51PM +0100, Michael Schwingen wrote:
> Since I did that, received spam in my mailbox dropped to zero, and I see
> lots of blocked attempts in the logs - and none that look like 'normal'
> mails being bounced by error.

That sounds promising - but as I'm not responsible for the mail system
here, I can't do anything directly. We used to have a quite good
protection a few months ago, but since then more and more UCE/UBE has
been arriving here :(

> Huh? I'll have to look into that. If that is true, I will let ORBS turned
> off in the future even after solving the netblock problems. Do you refer to
> incidents where a server admin did *not* block the ORBS machine doing the
> checks by firewalling it?

Actually, after re-checking, I found that they even cleary that this
policy.  Take a look at http://www.orbs.org/whatisthis.html, where it

"It also tracks networks that prevent ORBS from verifying whether or not
their SMTP servers continue to permit third-party relay - it is fairly
common for inept administrators to try blocking the ORBS testers rather
than to actually fix their security problems."

IMO, this isn't the way to go, even though the point is valid.



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