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RE: [MiNT] RSVF cookie?

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> From: maxilys@normandnet.fr [mailto:maxilys@normandnet.fr]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2027 2:45 PM
> To: mint@fishpool.com
> Subject: [MiNT] RSVF cookie?
> So I understood that the problem came for HSMODEM. I checked 
> the cookie jar and 
> discovered that the RSVF cookie had disappeard. I changed the 
> order of the 
> programs in the AUTO folder because I thought that MiNT 
> overwrote the RSVF 
> cookie (which was the last one) when it wrote its own. It 
> made no difference.

* HS-Modem before MiNT -> MiNT's devices works properly (you need this if
you're using any unix-ports that use the serial-port, like pppd).
* HS-Modem after MiNT -> RSVF-apps (Connect, IConnect, STiNG) works

> launching of N.AES led me to the conclusion that it's MiNT 
> which overwrites 
> that beloved cookie.


> I'm wondering: is it a normal behavior of MiNT 1.15.5? Is it 

It has "always" been normal. And needed.

> "legal" to 
> overwrite a cookie that you didn't create? And why? Is this 
> cookie poisoned, 
> too dry, rotten, indigestible or harmful someway?  ;-)

This is done because MiNT actually use the RSVF-routines in it's own
devices, and if the RSVF-cookie was present it's possible for RSVF-clients
and tty-"clients" (e.g. pppd) to use the same port at the same time. If you
want to work around this you can either use a small program called "rsvx"
(you must run it twice - before MiNT where it makes a copy of the
RSVF-cookie, and after MiNT, where it renames that copy to RSVF), or you can
load mint.prg in a binary editor and replace the second occurence of the
string "RSVF" (please check spelling/case before you do this) with any other
4-byte string. This prevents MiNT from skipping the RSVF-cookie when it
creates it's new cookie-jar.

But be careful when you do this - if you by accident run a RSVF-app while
using pppd or vice versa you'll most likely get into trouble.

> I didn't notice the disappearing of the cookie because 
> -apparently- MiNT-Net 
> and pppd still work the right way -as well as NOS- on MODEM-2 
> at 115200.

These use the tty-interface, not the RSVF-cookie. But the tty-devices use
the RSVF-routines, that's why they work so well.

Btw. the easiest way to avoid all these troubles is to use Frank's new
serial-devices. They install both tty- and RSVF-devices, and so far I
haven't had any problems with it (only tested on my Falcon though). The best
thing about them is that you can remove HS-Modem :-)

Jo Even Skarstein