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[MiNT] Calamus SL99 and freeMiNT 1.15.5/N_AES 2.0.0


Calamus SL 99 seems not be very happy with freeMiNT 1.15.5/N_AES 2.0.0.
It's fearly unstable. Mostly the whole systeem just freese whilst Calamus 
is trying to rebuild the screen after a zoom out. Luckely this doesn't 
happen all the time. So far I didn't have any warnings coming from the 
Yesterday however the system went down again but now when I was replacing 
a textframe. The system returned me this just before it frooze.

pid 226 (Calamus) assert ('proc->q_net ==0') failed at line 474 of proc.c
Fatal error...... 

Who is to blame here?

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