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Re: [MiNT] New MiNT distribution

johnnie ligotage a écrit:

> Bonsoir!
> On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, Cyber Franck wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I am looking for people interested to make a new MiNT distribution.
> I have started to work on a CD installer for FreeMiNT, based on Sparemint
> rpm's. Frank (Hi!) asked me ages ago, if I wanted to get involved:
> originally it was going to be a web-based installer, but Frank
> mentioned that people had been asked for CD's based on Sparemint. Mostly
> the script is done, but I want to create it purely on an Atari. This means
> getting mkisofs to work properly (nearly done) and then port cd-recorder
> or another, so that I can create ISO CD's with proper long filename
> support (unlike Joliet), ie Rockridge extensions.
> > Here is a documentation in HTML format, unfortunately in French, for the
> > moment.
> Looks good - even if my french is quite poor these days.
> > For more details, please e-mail me to vickingf@yahoo.fr
> I can let you have details on mine, too. I would like it translated into
> French and German, at least.

Hi johnnie!

wonderfull, a CD Installer will be wonderfull, please send me more information
on it (how it works, what is lack, etc...)
It seems to be exactely what we need.
Is there is a GUI on this stuff???

Putting documentaion in English is possible but in German....Unfortunately I
speak French, English and a little Spanish, but German is forgotten in sout of
France, so If anyone can do it, it will be great, cause I think we need german
people for this project.

Many thanx for support