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Re: [MiNT] New MiNT distribution

Katherine Ellis a écrit:

> very good Job.

Thanks, i hope I will have many feedbacks to start the project as sooner as

> However I do not agree with realtime changes editor.
> The kernel does not provide such thing.
> And all the calls that can be changed realtime are already in MiNTsetter.
> So that means:
> make a copy of what's already existing (mintsetter).
> or update the kernel heavily to support more calls to be set on the fly.
> (alot of work for something probably not wished).

That is right. MintSetter is a good base

> When changing 1 parameter in windows95, like resolution, or a parameter in
> the network settings you have to reboot the whole machine.
> When just installing 1 dll, it would ask youto reboot.
> In MiNT there are a lot of things that don't need a reboot.
> So we have a CLEAR advantage compared to windows for example.
> But pushing it even further is in my opinion, not worth it considering the
> amount of work.

I agree

> I guess what I would need to see first in order to work with you, is a
> decent parser/editor for mint.cnf. That is where the problem first comes
> from.
> Then I think I can help in this project.

Cool, I hope many people will react as you,