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[MiNT] new ttyS names

Hallo Frank,

While I haven't installed the new MFP and SCC drivers (I only
need Ethernet here), I have still read your docs.  Here are my

> Every driver support two devices for each port, one HSMODEM
> device and one Unix terminal device.  HSMODEM devices start
> with serial followed by a unique number. The Unix terminal
> devices start always with ttyS followed by a unique number.

Bad idea, IMHO, as it breaks previous conventions. I suggest:

HSMODEM devices use the traditional Atari port names.  UNIX
terminal devices are always called ttyS followed by a number:

port names on the machines:
device name        ST      MegaSTE   TT        Falcon   
 modem1/ttyS1      MODEM   MODEM1    MODEM1    (no connector)        
 modem2/ttyS2      -       MODEM2    MODEM2    MODEM2   
serial1/ttyS3      -       -         SERIAL1   -        
serial2/ttyS4      -       SERIAL2   SERIAL2   -        
    lan/ttyS4      -       LAN       LAN       LAN      
   midi/ttyS5      Midi    Midi      Midi      Midi     

Modem1/Serial1 are always MFP ports, while Modem2/Serial2/LAN are
always SCC ports.  

NOTE:  Serial2 and LAN are mutually exclusive, on the MegaSTE and
       TT; selecting Serial2 disables LAN and vice-versa, because
       they both use SCC-A.  Changing one bit on the sound chip
       alters the selection to one connector or the other.

This would make an easier transition, for people who are used to
the KGMD tty names, as it follows the same order, except on LAN,
and also for people who prefer to use traditional port names.

Btw, why the separate serial2/lan entries? Why not keep only one
tty for serial2/lan, assume LAN is selected and then parse for a
LAN_SCC environment variable and if "no" switch to serial2 port?

Martin-Éric Racine  http://funkyware.atari.org/  Atari TT030 FAQ
Lappeenranta, Finland.  Surfing on a Intel/Microsoft-free GEM OS