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Re: [MiNT] new ttyS names


> > Every driver support two devices for each port, one HSMODEM
> > device and one Unix terminal device.  HSMODEM devices start
> > with serial followed by a unique number. The Unix terminal
> > devices start always with ttyS followed by a unique number.
> Bad idea, IMHO, as it breaks previous conventions.

It doesn't break any convention.

> I suggest:

I aggree in general, but the ttyS are better numbered from 0:

> device name        ST      MegaSTE   TT        Falcon   
> -------------------------------------------------------------
>  modem1/ttyS0      MODEM   MODEM1    MODEM1    (no connector)        
>  modem2/ttyS1      -       MODEM2    MODEM2    MODEM2   
> serial1/ttyS2      -       -         SERIAL1   -        
> serial2/ttyS3      -       SERIAL2   SERIAL2   -        
>     lan/ttyS4      -       LAN       LAN       LAN      
>    midi/ttyS5      Midi    Midi      Midi      Midi     

> Btw, why the separate serial2/lan entries? Why not keep only one
> tty for serial2/lan, assume LAN is selected and then parse for a
> LAN_SCC environment variable and if "no" switch to serial2 port?

This can only be handled through different portnames. If lan is opened 
open of serial2 must be denied.

You can't use one name as different applications like to access different
ports at the same time.


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