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Re: [MiNT] new ttyS names

> > Real people count starting on 1, so they would tend to associate
> > modem1 with ttyS1 more easily than trying to remember that modem1
> > equals terminal 0.
> But they associate serial1 easily to ttyS3?

People associate things in patterns.  Numbers, odd/even
permutations, etc. but they definitely not use the number 0.

> > > Sorry, setting this bit is task of the device driver. 
> > 
> > I agree, but selecting user preferences could be done using an 
> > environment variable that the driver parses.
> No, an xdd never evaluate any environment variable.  There
> are several processes with several environments. Which
> environment you have to parse?

A global LAN_MODE variable internal to MINT, similar to the
ST_ESCC variable introduced a while back.

> What is if process 1 open the lan device and the other
> process try to open the same device but with environment set
> for modem port?

OK, call it an internal kernel variable, which is definitely
something an XDD can read, after it becomes an integral part of
the kernel, once it is loaded.


Since an internal kernel variable tells the driver which port to
use, no application can control it, so there is no problem

The variable could easily be ignored by the kernel, if the proper
XDD was not loaded.  

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