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Re: [MiNT] new ttyS names

> > No, an xdd never evaluate any environment variable.  There
> > are several processes with several environments. Which
> > environment you have to parse?
> A global LAN_MODE variable internal to MINT, similar to the
> ST_ESCC variable introduced a while back.
> > What is if process 1 open the lan device and the other
> > process try to open the same device but with environment set
> > for modem port?
> OK, call it an internal kernel variable, which is definitely
> something an XDD can read, after it becomes an integral part of
> the kernel, once it is loaded.
> LAN_MODE=[lan|serial]

Oh no, that make only trouble, introduce lot of overhead, is inconsistent.
A kernel special just for a xdd?


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