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Re: [MiNT] MiNT and MetaDOS


> Extendos GOLD: Doesn't work at all under MiNT. Neither does it's BOS-
> and DOS-drivers under BetaDOS and MiNT, although there are no problems
> in TOS or MagiC.

For this you require the TOSFS that is not compiled into 1.15.7 BETA. If
you like to use things like Betados or Metados you have to live with the
TOSFS forever.

> MetaXBS and Spin!: This is the only combination that sort of works under
> MiNT, but it only works if a CD is inserted during boot and only on that
> first CD. If I insert another CD I get a "mediachange"-message on the
> console and MiNT hangs.

This is related to the semphore locking code for nonblocking operations
that everybody want. The spin xfs you have just deadlock with the 1.15.7
BETA due to this code for the active application.

You can use an older FreeMiNT version or deactivate the locking code and
recompile the kernel or update Spin to the current beta if this possible.


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