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[MiNT] MiNT and MetaDOS

I have been trying to get a SCSI CD-ROM working with MiNT for a couple
of hours now, but so far without success. There are no problems under
TOS or MagiC, both MetaDOS, BetaDOS and Extendos works fine, so does
all of the BOS- and DOS-drivers I've tried. But when I try to use it
under MiNT I get all sorts of problems:

Extendos GOLD: Doesn't work at all under MiNT. Neither does it's BOS-
and DOS-drivers under BetaDOS and MiNT, although there are no problems
in TOS or MagiC.

MetaXBS and Spin!: This is the only combination that sort of works under
MiNT, but it only works if a CD is inserted during boot and only on that
first CD. If I insert another CD I get a "mediachange"-message on the
console and MiNT hangs.

MetaDOS: Works fine under TOS and MagiC, not at all under MiNT. I've tried
a lot of different BOS- and DOS-drivers, they all work under TOS/MagiC.

I'm sure there must be a way to get this CD-ROM working under MiNT, after
all I used a 4x ATAPI-drive with both MetaDOS, MetaXBS/Spin! and BetaDOS/Spin!
for ages. I never tried it with the current kernel though, perhaps this is
the problem?

I've heard that it's possible to use CD-ROMs without MetaDOS, what do I need
to do this? I have HD-Driver 7.80.

** Jo Even Skarstein    http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~josk/
**    beer - maria mckee - atari falcon - babylon 5