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Re: [MiNT] pppd at 230400

On Mon, 1 May 2000 19:19:28 +0300, Martin-Eric Racine wrote:

>On 2000-4-30, Lonny Pursell <atari@bright.net> wrote:
>> I found that my modem will do the 230400 rate, but pppd does
>> not like that as a parameter for <speed>.
>It's not just PPPD.
>The kernel also doesn't know about baudrates above 115,200.
>Back when both were upgraded, I recall saying we might as well
>support the SCC's full speed, but because too many Falcon users
>reported unreliable operation beyond that, the idea was rejected.
>While we're at it, whoever updates both PPPD and the kernel, may
>I recommend that you also support the SCC's two "oddball" rates.

That explains why my pppd link to my falcon refuses the 76.8 and
153.6 rates?  Was forced to back it down to 38.4 to keep pppd

I just tried Jo's idea and I was using MiNT at 230k, it did
seem to drop a packet or to more often than 115k and didn't
seem much faster.  I think the problems are either the modem
itself or something on the isp end or just crappy lines.  I cannot
get any cps rates people are saying "I should be getting".
It's always 2.3k max regardless of what I do.

Lonny Pursell   atari @ bright.net   http://www.bright.net/~atari/