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Re: [MiNT] wvdial

Guido Flohr wrote:

> Hi,
> inspired by the constant pppd problems: I was amazed how simple it is to
> set up ppp connections with wvdial under Linux.  Is wvdial available for
> MiNT? If not, has anybody tried to build it yet?

Maybe stupid answer, but anyway ....

I did it long time ago and even managed to make it work, without any
craphical face ofcourse. It is still installed on my Falcon, but because of
lack of space, my Falcon is still packed in box :(   I moved recently.

So maybe only information I can give is that it can be done, even by me, so
that there shouldn't be any too big problems, not for you anyway....
Hardest part was installing c++ compiler (quite old one) with right

So all info I can give you now is more or less on IIRC-level ...


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