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Re: [MiNT] User PC=???

> I have just got about 10 crashes in a row with ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION. The
> crash report also said "User PC = $14F2A". What does this address means?
> If it's the PC and the crash was due to illegal instruction one would
> guess that the illegal insn is at that PC address. But it's not - the
> address is inside HDDRIVER's TEXT segment and points to third
> instruction of hdv_mediach routine:
> movea.l $14F20(pc),a0
> any idea where is the real illegal instruction? And any idea why it's
> crashing so much here? FreeMiNT 1.15.10b, both N.AES and XaAES, both
> XCONTROL and ZCONTROL. Most AUTO programs removed.

You have a Falcon equipped with 68040, right? So perhaps this is some
caching problem with hdv_mediach vector?

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz
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