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[MiNT] Freemint Questions

Hi folks

Just dug out my Falcon again & I've been playing around with Mint & the new
kernels that are around.

I wanted to set up internet sharing from a PC running win98 - any ideas how
I might go about it?

so far I've tried using Hyperterminal on the Pc to see if I can at least get
a terminal login but that doesn't seem to work. Connect works fine & I can
transfer stuff back & forth with no real problems (57600 only of the modem
is connected on the PC - what a crock :o) ) Any idea how to set up the port
for getty?

Connect doesn't seem to work on >1.15.6b even with the super bit set in
SCC030.XDD or HSMODEM and Connect itself. Any ideas what's going on there?

What's the best way of making sure everything is up to date on my system?

incidentally, Videlity is available again at http::/www.conceptcoding.com
under the Atari section along with some other silly stuff I did for ST &
Falcon. There's still a fair bit to do on the site so no complaining :o) I
may put the Bad Mood stuff up there at some point too.